Liquid manufacturing

Over 40 years of experience in formulating, testing and manufacturing liquid products, in both the Pharma and the Supplement world has built the foundation we stand on
From formulation to finish, our mission is to make analytically sound products that exceed expectations.


If it is just R&D or a finished formula that you need, we know how to do it all:

* Formula Creation from scratch
* Reverse Engineering
* Sound Scientific formulation keeping shelf life and packaging in mind
* Sourcing of all ingredients and packaging components
* Lab creation of samples
* Proposed testing protocol for Purity, Strength and Composition
* Small first run pilot batches for initial testing and stability studies
* Finished Master Documents including formulation, testing, results, sourcing, batch records, etc…

* In house and 3rd party testing, providing raw data with an in house analytical chemistry team that knows how to interpret results, create methods, and analyze data.
* Analytical method development for raw materials and finished goods
* In house analytical laboratory for faster turn around
* Stability testing following ICH guidelines
* FT-IR, HPCL, UV vis, ICP, MS, organoleptic, microbiology, etc…

man-liq1 Manufacturing:
* From Pilot batches to full production
* Bottle size variation: 6ml – bulk totes
* Typical orders: 5,000 – 100,000 bottles
* Min Order: dependent on packaging and ingredient minimums
* Methodological compounding
* In process testing
* Semi automatic and automated fill lines
* Extensive packaging capabilities (bottling, labeling, assembly, and more)
* Typical turn around: 5-7 weeks

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