Packing protein for Midwest Food Bank

20 Dec 2019

Our AWESOME team doing good things. Look how fabulous these people are, Helping Midwest food Bank pack up protein! Happy holidays to all! We are more than a company, we are family!

Midwest Food Bank is a volunteer based food bank, structured to provide service opportunities and operate through the work of volunteers. Their volunteers are more than just hands and feet; they are fundamental to the success of organization. They collect, sort, pack, and distribute food and disaster relief donations, and remind us every day that our mission could not be achieved without them.

More than 32,018 volunteers put in over 309,000 hours of service in 2019, the equivalent of over 154 full-time employees. The service of these dedicated volunteers allows Midwest Food Bank to operate efficiently. They gain the unique perspective that worldwide hunger is prevalent and their efforts can make a difference.